JBL Bio Proflora 80 2 (Fish , Aquarium Accessories , Carbon Dioxide) 59145304

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* Natural CO2 fertilisation for 40 days: healthy plant growth, less algae. Bio-CO₂ starter set for aquariums from 30-80 l. * Simple to install: ready for use within a few minutes. * Natural: CO2 production from biological fermentation process. * High yield: steady production of CO2 for 40 days due to immediate and long-term buffer system, refillable. * Improvement of plant growth of fine-structured plants. Professional CO2 diffuser * No pressurised gas cylinder needed, special CO2 resistant hose. * Package contents: bio-CO2 fertiliser system, ProFlora bio 80, incl. reaction canister, refill set, CO2 diffuser, CO2 hose, check valve.